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 Forum Guidelines: READ BEFORE POSTING!

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Forum Guidelines: READ BEFORE POSTING! Empty
PostSubject: Forum Guidelines: READ BEFORE POSTING!   Forum Guidelines: READ BEFORE POSTING! Icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 9:58 pm

The following guidelines were put in place in order to keep the boards a somewhat goodhearted, engaging community while at the same time being exciting to access. Please read and adhere to all guidelines listed below. Failure to do so will result in appropriate punishment.

1. If a forum has a specific name, it should stay on that topic. Not all over the place. That's what the "Random Talk" section is for.

2. Certain language is acceptable; I/any future mods aren't THAT much of a tight ass. However, anything that can be construed as offensive (racial slurs, etc.) will NOT be tolerated. Period. Anyone who uses a slur in conversation will be reprimanded by "The Higher Powers".

3. Newbies, don't be surprised when you get hazed once you introduce yourself here because of what you listen to. Everyone likes what they like, even if they think it's better than yours. Just think of it as tough love, and further down the line, it will be as that. Nevertheless, SEVERE harassment by/towards any user will not be tolerated, even through private messaging. Anyone who would like to report personal harassment, please PM a Moderator or Administrator.

4. We've never liked spam, both on our emails and on our boards, but excluding our sandwiches. Don't spam post here. Members should be vigilant when it comes to spam posts, and should not hesitate in reporting them.

5. This isn't the Jersey Shore. We don't start fights to get everyone involved, even though it's quite entertaining. If you've got some heated beef with someone, take it to PM.

6. The moderators, global mods and administrators should always be respected. All board officials reserve the right to delete posts or lock threads at any time, without warning.

7. Search for your topic before creating a new thread. It keeps the boards clean and the headaches to a minimum.

8. Necroposting isn't tolerated either. If a thread hasn't been posted in for more than 30 days, just let it die. Don't bring it back just because you want to see a thread you made at the top of the page again. The only exception is if there is LEGITIMATE information to be added.

9. A simple command of the English language is REQUIRED on this site. If u type lyk u txt den u wil b askd 2 retype ur pst so evry1 cn red it. Frequent offenses will be dealt with accordingly.

10) If the "Report to Mod" button exists on here, use it! It helps us out so much when trying to find problem posters. Really.

11. This is important. ANY USER WHO POSTS THE FOLLOWING:
-Malicious Websites
-Fake Websites/Trojan Droppers
We try to keep it at least keep a good environment to EVERYONE on this site. We don't need anyone coming to us and screaming at us for something that was posted here.

12. You must be at least 13 or older to join this website. We will do background checks occasionally, and if we catch anyone falsifying information, they will receive a ban. We have zero tolerance for fradulent information on this website.

13. Don'tttttttt useeeeeee excessssivveeee letterssssss innn yourrrr postsss. It gets annoying after like the fourth letter.

14. We will not release your information to any third-party sites. But, we recommend you safeguard your email address and other private information regardless. Better safe than sorry!

If you see something here that is not mentioned, please notify an administrator and we will update as we see fit. Otherwise, enjoy your time here on Shadowed Regions Metal Forums!
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Forum Guidelines: READ BEFORE POSTING!
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